Environment And Infrastructure

Water filters being delivered in SJV

Water Filtration

A priority for Epilogos is providing families access to safe water for drinking and cooking. This improves the health of all family members, but particularly children. For a nominal fee families may purchase home water filtration systems that are easy to use and maintain. Epilogos staff provide training to families in how to properly use and maintain the filters.

Eco-friendly cook stoves being delivered to a village in SJV

Safe Eco-friendly Cook Stoves

Before Epilogos, families used inefficient outdoor stoves for cooking. Not only did they use a lot of resources but they were dangerous, especially for small children. Now families may purchase eco-friendly cook stoves which use significantly less wood, are much more efficient, and are safer in the home.


School Sanitation

Many local schools lack proper bathroom facilities for students. Epilogos is working toward upgrading facilities in schools in the village and surrounding communities.


Public Wash Stations

Before Epilogos, families bathed and washed their clothing in contaminated rivers that also served as toilets for cows, horses and people. Now five communities have environmentally friendly public wash stations. Water is a scarce resource in El Salvador and these public wash stations always have water so they are utilized by many people from the surrounding communities.