Epilogos Works With, Not For, The People Who Benefit From Our Projects


As of 2019 Epilogos has.....

Built close to 200 Houses

Provided Educational Scholarships to 1000 High School Students and 500 Elementary Students

Adopted 23 Classrooms

Distributed 750 Eco-friendly High Efficiency Stoves

Distributed 530 Home Water Purification Filters

Student volunteers with children in SJV

Welcomed Over 1000 Volunteers to the Village

And much more!!

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SInce 2002, Epilogos Charities, Inc has been involved with rural community development, with all projects initiated and implemented with Salvadoran collaboration and partnership. Our strategy is built for long-term success. Project recipients contribute at least 30% of the project cost through manual labor or financial contributions. Things are not given away - they are worked for, exchanged, or purchased for low prices. This strategy keeps everyone vested in the project.

We work in tandem with our Salvadoran partners and include the beneficiaries in all stages of the projects.