Helping to Provide Care

volunteer dentists from the US in SJV clinic

Dental Care

Before Epilogos dental services were limited. Now San José Villanueva has a complete dental clinic and welcomes annual visits by US volunteer dentists

SJV resident getting an eye exam

Eye Exams

Hundreds of villagers have received eye exams, glasses and surgeries at reduced cost, thanks to donations from US professional groups. A group of volunteer optometrists vis annually.

medical supplies donated to SJV clinic

Medical Supplies

The medical clinic in SJV has limited access to necessary medical supplies. Volunteer groups from the US bring donated supplies and medications to the clinic.

Mosquito Nets

Health professionals donate mosquito nets to help stop the spread of disease.

Hospice Support

Family members are provided transportation to a nearby hospice for indigent patients. The costs for caskets and burials are donated.

Individual Support as Needed

Premature babies receive donated formula, new parents are educated, wheelchairs and medical supports are provided, even a prosthetic arm was fabricated for a lucky young boy!