Building Homes

typical Salvadoran home

Epilogos is committed to providing families a safe, dignified home in a partnership approach.

A "casa digna".

Building a "Casa Digna" for a family

Salvadoran home

Substandard houses made of cardboard, sheet metal, and plastic tarps are commonplace in San José Villanueva

Volunteer group from the US with completed home

Now almost 200 cement block homes have been constructed for the "working poor" who can manage minimal monthly payments.

Prior to 2011 Epilogos partnered with Habitat for Humanity and together they built almost 120 houses. In addition, using a unique partnership model, Epilogos has constructed 74 homes.

Casa work site in SJV

Families are responsible for preparing the worksite prior to the arrival of the Epilogos volunteers.  Then it's all hand's on deck for a week of rewarding work.

Many hands make light work!

Carrying a cement beam

Epilogos volunteers, the homeowners, previous recipients of homes, and many community members work in tandem to build a safe, secure home.

Completed home in SJV

Beneficiaries of Epilogos homes repay a portion of the cost of the home. This money is used to provide funding for another family's home in the future.

Families are paying it forward for their neighbors!