The Murals

Making a Colorful Statement in the Community

mural in SJV

Where there was a blank cement corner, two beautiful murals now exist at a main intersection in the center of town for everyone to enjoy.

painting the Carlos mural in SJV

One wall of the mural is dedicated to the memory of a young Epilogos scholarship student named Carlos. He was mistaken for another young man and was killed by gang members walking home one evening. Carlos' brother and friends designed and painted the mural with help from volunteers from the U.S.

a portion of the Carlos mural

In February of 2019 the mural was transformed yet again! It had faded over the years, so a team completely refurbished the mural with assistance from many students and community members.

It continues to serve as a bright spot in the village!

Mural on Avienda Jenkins

mural on Jenkins Ave

Assisted by a team from upstate New York, Salvadoran students designed and painted this mural.

students helping to paint the mural on Jenkins Ave

The 100 meter mural not only beautifies the village, it bolstered the spirit and self esteem of the many kids who participated in the project.

mural at Mendieta school

Mendieta School Mural

An additional mural was created at the entrance to the Centro Escolar Dr. Salvador Mendieta (the Mendieta school) in honor of Mike and Susie's 50th Wedding Anniversary.